Physical analgesia

Edited by prof. Ivet Koleva

- - 146 pages - 140x200

ISBN : 9782753905986

Physical analgesia is the application of physical factors for pain management. In physical analgesia a lot of physical modalities are used: Preformed modalities (Electric currents; Ultra-sound; Magnetic field; Laser; Deep Oscillation); Natural modalities (Kryo-factors; Thermo-agents; Hydro- and balneo-techniques; Physiotherapy techniques; hydro and balneo-physiotherapy; Peloidotherapy); Reflectory methods (physical modalities in reflectory points and zones). We propose our own theory for explanation of pathogenetic mechanisms of action of physical modalities on the nociceptive and neuropathic pain: Pain management is an important part of rehabilitation algorithms in clinical practice. We present our own experience and results in patients with conditions of the nervous and motor systems. The conclusion of our own modest clinical experience of 30 years is: the capacity of physical modalities to reduce pain is significant. Physical analgesia has not side consequences and may be applied in combination with other therapeutic factors. The monograph will be valuable for all members of the multidisciplinary team, engaged in pain medicine.
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Medecin - specialist en Medecine Physique et de Reeducation et en Neurologie; Professeur - Universite de Medecine de Sofia, la Bulgarie

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