Full names vs. nicknames

Reactions in Spanish and English

- - 166 pages - 140x200

ISBN : 9782753904750

Publié le : 06/06/2017

Forenames and nicknames are an issue which concern us all because we all have a name and we often need to decide on a name for a child or a pet, possibly at least once in our lifetime. This book includes a very multidisciplinary study (linguistic, social, psychological and stylistic) which is entertaining to read. Names are part of our daily life and this is a commonplace topic about which we all have something to say. They help us to become closer not only to the own names but also to people bearing them or reacting to them. Names have a story behind. This is summarised in the following revealing quotation: “Be still. Remember my name. It is the label that is attached to me. It is the one thread that is sewn through this entire story. Your story or my story – it is only the stitching that changes. The want is the thing that drives us. Trust me: I have a story to tell.” ― Richard Payment, "For Want of Wonders".
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