The Dual-Career Couple: a concept that is redrawing the borders between private and professional life?

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ISBN : 9782753902305

Publié le : 04/10/2013

There are more and more dual career couples – couples where both partners have a high-profile job – which confirm the success of the feminist revolution from the sixties. Nowadays, these couples raise questions, especially on their way of working. Knowing the personal involvement that an executive career demands, also knowing what married life implies and eventually acknowledging what family and children upbringing require, how do these men and women deal with their professional ambitions as well as their personal desires? How are divided the priorities of both? What kind of concessions are made by each gender? How is family life ruled? Let's find out with couples who reveal the inner workings set up by this new sociological type of couple.The present study by Sandrine Meyfret is meant to understand how couples with dual careers achieve a balance between private and professional lives, family and company, personal aspiration and married life demands. Therefore we see new solutions come - questioning roles according to gender, original economic workings... During this instructive analysis, we witness the convergence of diverse sociological currents and a complete reorganization of the couple.
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