The Power of The Emotional Capital in Education

Executive functions, Heutagogy and Medidation/Mindfulness

- - 136 pages - 140x200

ISBN : 9782342163421

Publié le : 05/10/2018

The emotional capital (EK), this powerful functionning capital which was missing in economics measurement, is the capital driving heart, mind, soul and behaviours which could changes the world by changing ourselves. It's a three levels economics' concept (micro, meso and macro). Developed by Gendron in the early 2000s, the “Emotional Capital is the stock of the personal and social emotional competencies that is inherent in the person, useful for personal, professional and organizational developments, and participates to social cohesion and has global and personal, economic and social returns”. Activating executive functions, the emotional capital is developed by active positive and collaborative pedagogy (heutagogy) and by practising mindfulness and meditation, bringing back the joy of learning by collaborative and creative learning, re-enchanting teaching. As a means of production, society contribution and personal developments, each additional investment in EK yields additional outputs at the three levels helping at performing better socially, economically and personally. In eudaimonic economics, the EK participates not only to the socio-economic growth but also to the society' cohesion and happiness as environmental concerns, underlying the relevance of education for the social and economic welfare, and the environmental protection. Thus, there is an emergency to invest in Emotional Capital to follow Mandela' mottos, to fulfill Sen's lifetime achievement and development as freedom and feed Gandhi's empowerment and emancipation, to allow a Better World.
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Former Vice-President of the University of Montpellier III in France, Benedicte GENDRON, University Professor since 2005, earned her Ph'D in Economics of Human Resources and Education from the University Paris I -Pantheon-Sorbonne and completed in the US, as a funded fellow of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a post-doctoral research at UC. Berkeley – Graduate School of Education and NCRVE-National Center for Research on Vocational Education. Trained in Mindfulness in the US and Europe, while at the University of Montpellier III, she earned a second Ph'D in Psychology & Neurosciences, and specialized her research on emotional competencies, transversal and soft skills developments and their personal and socio-economics impacts. She is the author of the economic concept of Emotional Capital. For this work, she received in Paris both the prestigious research scientist prize from the French Academy (2006) and twice the award of the French Association of Health Education at School and University –AFPSSU- (2011 and 2012). She also joined Daniel Goleman' Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. Interested in well-being, humanistic and eudaimonic economics' developments, her research focused on the emotional capital and its impacts on education, at work, on creativity and heatlh and well-being issues. She serves on the editorial boards of various scientific journals and her research on Emotional Capital applied on several domains has been published in numerous articles, book chapters and books. One of her last books is about Mindful Management and Emotional Capital at work published by De Boeck.

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